5 Tips for Enhancing Your Home’s Water Systems Durability


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Water is an essential component of our daily lives, and our home’s water systems play a pivotal role in ensuring we have safe, clean, and reliable water at our disposal. But as with any system, wear and tear are inevitable. 

Fortunately, there are many proactive steps you can take to enhance the durability and efficiency of your water systems, which can save you not only from the inconvenience of unexpected water system failures but also from the financial burden of fixing those problems. 

Here are five expert tips for maintaining resilient water systems in your home.

Regular Inspections

Water leaks can cause significant damage to walls, floors, and personal belongings. The key to preventing this kind of harm caused by water leak is to be vigilant. Inspect all visible pipes, look for signs of corrosion or rust, and don’t forget to examine your appliances, such as washing machines and dishwashers.

Make it a habit to look under sinks, behind the water heater, and around the base of appliance connections for any telltale signs of leaks. Early detection can save you a lot of trouble down the line.

Upgrading Fixtures

Older fixtures are more prone to leaks and inefficiencies. By upgrading to modern fixtures, you can significantly improve the performance of your home’s water systems.

When selecting new fixtures, look for products that are WaterSense certified, a program sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that promotes water efficiency. Products with this certification are proven to use less water and perform as well as or better than standard models.

Water Quality Testing

Poor water quality can lead to increased corrosion in pipes and deterioration of fixtures. It can also have serious health implications for you and your family. Testing for contaminants and pH levels is crucial for the long-term health of your water systems.

You can purchase water testing kits at most home improvement stores for a DIY check. For more comprehensive or accurate results, it’s best to hire a professional. Be sure to test for common contaminants such as lead, bacteria, and nitrates if you have well water.

Proper Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your water heater, pipes, and filtration systems is essential for preventing catastrophic failures and extending the life of your water systems.

Flushing your water heater annually removes sediment, which can lead to rust and reduced efficiency. This simple task can help your water heater work better and last longer.

For pipes, keep them insulated to prevent freezing in winter and to reduce heat loss from hot water lines, which can keep your water heater working hard all the time. 

Change the filters in your filtration system according to the manufacturer’s recommendations to keep your water tasting fresh and your system running smoothly.

Pressure Tank Replacement

If your home has a well, it likely has a pressure tank. When these begin to fail, they can cause costly water damage and a loss of water pressure in your home. Pressure tanks have a finite lifespan. 

If you notice short-cycling (the pump turns on and off rapidly) or if your plumbing fixtures begin to experience changes in water pressure, it’s a sign that you need Pressure Tank System Replacement.

Pressure tank replacement is best left to professionals. They can assess the size and type of tank your home needs and ensure it’s installed correctly for optimal function and durability.

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