7 Gorgeous Places In Cartagena That Promise A Refreshing Vacay In 2023


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Cartagena is a famous tourist destination in Colombia because of its fascinating history, wonderful cuisine, and fantastic shopping. Cartagena is a fantastic location, with its medieval walled city, gorgeous fortress, and easy access to the Rosario Islands.

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7 Gorgeous Places In Cartagena:

1. Gold Museum

The Cartagena Gold Museum (Museo del Oro Zen) is a nice free activity in the ancient town. The museum exhibits works from Colombian indigenous peoples as well as ancient antiquities. The majority of the objects were created by the Zen people who lived in the coastal area near Cartagena. The museum has many English translations, which is why I enjoyed my visit. You can learn a lot about the region’s indigenous peoples’ history. Except for Mondays, the museum is in Bolivar Plaza and is open daily.

2. Cruise

Okay, so this doesn’t happen in the ancient city, but the cruises leave from here. This is without a doubt one of the best experiences in Cartagena. You can’t go wrong at that price! It’s a small group trip, so there are 12 people, which is ideal for not feeling suffocated. If you’re already atop the old city’s walls at sunset, try taking a dinner cruise thereafter. These cruises leave at 7:30 p.m. and are a unique way to enjoy a meal. This cruise costs $69 USD, is well-rated, and includes a 4-course meal!

3. Enjoy a food tour

That cuisine is the finest way to learn about a place. Cartagena is no a single exception, and a gastronomy tour around the old city’s roads will let you to learn about the town and its impacts. If you’re searching for a wonderful tour, I recommend this 2.5-hour street food trip. I also recommend taking this ceviche food tour. If you enjoy fish, this is the tour for you!

4. Naval Museum

The Naval Museum is a fascinating attraction in Cartagena’s old town. Because Cartagena is a harbor city, it has a lengthy history of naval wars and sunken ships. All this and more may be at the Navy Museum.

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The only difficulty is that everything is in Spanish! If you’re still intrigued, you’ll need to hire a tour guide. For $90 USD, entry to each museum is included, and your guide will point out and describe all the important areas of each location.

5. Beautiful Streets

Exploring the streets of Cartagena’s old city with my camera or phone is one of my favorite things to do. The greatest time is before the sun begins to drop since many people are heading home to prepare for supper, so the streets are calm. During this time, you can explore the back alleyways and main streets, taking wonderful images to take home and print. If you don’t know where to go, you might take photography tours around the city led by a photographer. You can, but, find some fantastic spots on your own! Check Here Copa Airlines Name Change policy

6. Coffee in Colombia

San Alberto is Colombia’s most awarded coffee, and you can enjoy it as you wish in the old city of Cartagena. This modest coffee business is almost completely. But the moment you open the door and smell the smells, you’ll know you’ve arrived. What better way to carry a piece of Colombia home with you than its most prestigious coffee!? After all, tasting local coffee is one of the more pleasurable activities in Colombia.

7. Artwork

Cartagena is a beautiful city, thus it’s no surprise that photographs of it are in popular demand. The greatest benefit is that you are able to pick up a fantastic local painting on the historic city’s sidewalks for dirt inexpensive. There are many different styles, but some of them have blown me off! During the day, look for the sellers and shop around. There are some wonderful works of art for sale at unbelievable prices. Remember, you’ll have to bargain for every item!

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