Six Immediate Steps to Take After a Car Accident


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As a car owner, you are at the constant risk of getting into a car accident. Even – if you were to drive within the lawful speed limits and follow the law – there is still the chance that some other reckless driver would bump into your car and cause an accident. 

No matter how big or small a car accident is – there are some steps that you should take afterward as a way to deal with the accident mindfully. 

Calm Down

Of course, getting into a car accident will shock you to the core – but – you will want to calm down as soon as you can. The worst you can do is to storm out of your car and get into the face of the driver who caused the accident.

Never give in to road rage – but – believe in your better judgment and use your emotional intelligence to deal with the situation at hand. You might want to do some breathing exercises to calm your nerves and prepare yourself to deal with the aftermath. 

Assess Yourself for Injuries

After stopping the car and taking a few deep breaths – your next step is to check yourself and other passengers for potential injuries. If you see injuries or feel that you are injured yourself, call an ambulance right away. You can also ask someone else to make the call for you if you are seriously injured. Wait till medical help arrives. 

Get Your Car to Safety

After you have gotten into an accident and you have checked yourself and others for injuries, the next best step is to get your car out of the road as a way to prevent traffic jams. If your car has been seriously damaged to the point that you find it impossible to move it – turn on the hazard lights of your car so that the incoming traffic can see the car. 

Assess the Damage

Take your time while inspecting the damage that you and your car have sustained due to the accident. Take pictures of your car, the other car, the driver, the license plate, and your injuries. All of the pictures and records will come in handy later when, with the help of your personal injury attorney, you will be taking up the matter with the at-fault driver’s insurance company to get the much-needed compensation for the damages. 

Call the Police

Usually, all states require you to report car accidents immediately – even those where you have sustained no visible damages to the car and personal injuries.  The responding officers will create an accident report. It is important for you to get a copy of that police report as you will need it later when dealing with the insurance company. 

Collect Information

Get in touch with a lawyer and collect the much-needed information from the involved drivers as well as the witnesses. Make sure to get their name, license plate number, insurance company details, and phone number. Remember to take pictures so that you have a record of the model of their car.

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