Applications, Benefits, and Selection of Access Mats


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When it comes to the matter of choosing the ground protection for the industrial or environmental projects tahn access mats must be your priority. They are not only durable but also provide a stable surface for the heavy equipment and vehicle. 

This prominent benefit of access mats helps to minimize environmental impact to a great extent. 

Below are the various applications, benefits, and considerations when selecting access mats for your needs. 

What are Access Mats?

If you are concerned about making the stable pathways then choosing the access mats must be your priority. They are large, heavy-duty mats designed to create temporary roadways and stable platforms on uneven, soft, or sensitive ground. They are mainly from  materials like wood, composite, or steel that serves to provide good support for heavy machinery and vehicles.

Uses of Access Mats

Access mats are widely used in construction to create temporary roads and working platforms. They ensure that heavy equipment can move safely without getting stuck or causing ground damage. You can also use access mat in the oil and gas sector to create stable pathways and platforms in remote or environmentally sensitive areas. They facilitate the safe transport of drilling rigs and other heavy equipment.

Moreover, access mats help maintain stable access routes for utility work, such as power line installation and maintenance, especially in remote or difficult-to-reach locations. For large outdoor events, access mats provide pathways for vehicles and pedestrian walkways, protecting the ground and ensuring accessibility.

In wet areas or other sensitive environments, access mats minimize soil compaction and protect vegetation by distributing the weight of heavy machinery more evenly.

Benefits of Using Access Mats

There are many benefits of using access mats. They prevent ground disturbance and soil compaction, preserving the natural state of the environment. They provide a stable and secure surface for heavy machinery, reducing the risk of accidents caused by unstable ground conditions.

Access mats also protect you from future inconveniences, project delays, and repair costs by preventing equipment from getting stuck and minimizing ground damage. Access mats can be customized to fit specific project requirements, as they are available in various sizes and materials.

Types of Access Mats

ALthough there are many categories of access mats but among them wooden Mats are cost-effective and suitable for many applications. However, they can be heavy and may degrade over time. Another category is known as composite  mats are made from high-density synthetic materials. They are lightweight, durable, and resistant to weather conditions, making them ideal for long-term use.

Steel access mats offer superior strength and are often used in the most demanding environments. They are highly durable but can be more expensive and heavy to transport.

Considerations for Selecting Access Mats

It is important to identify the specific needs of your project. This include multiple factors like the type of ground, weight of machinery, and environmental conditions. Choosing the material is important that must be according to your project’s duration and ecological impact. Whether you are in construction, oil and gas, utilities, or event management, access mats offer a practical and effective way to navigate challenging ground conditions.

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