Decipher Signs of Divorce in Horoscope Through Vedic Astrology


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Marriages are Made in Heaven’! However, it is not true for every one of us. Misunderstanding, conflict, doubts, unrestricted desire, and incompatibility take the driver’s seat and lead the marriage to its end. Certainly, it is not desirable for couples who tie knots with eyes full of dreams. So, if you don’t want your marriage to suffer from such misery, check whether you have the yoga (planetary combination) of divorce in your chart or not. If there is any then feel free to consult with the best astrologer in Kolkata and take astrological precautions in advance.

So, let us wait no more but have a glance at the yogas that indicate divorce in birth charts.

Yoga for Divorce in Birth Charts According to Astrology

Numerous yogas are there in astrology that indicates divorce. It is impossible to bring all those in a single write-up. So, we will discuss here some of the powerful yogas that strongly indicate divorce. Let us delve in,

  • When the 7th house lord is connected with the lord of the 12th house or with the Rahu, it brings divorce in the marriage.
  • If the 12th lord is spotted in the 7th house along with Rahu, divorce can be indicated.
  • When the 7th and 12th house lords aspect each other mutually or they have a Parivartan yoga (exchange of house), and simultaneously Rahu is connected with one of the lords, this indicates a strong connection for breaking the wedding knot.
  • If the lagna falls in the sign of Mars/Saturn with Venus, and the 7th house is in affliction with Rahu/Ketu, the partner might break the tie.
  • When there is the Moon in the Lagna with Venus, and it is aspected by malefic, the higher chances of divorce are predicted.
  • When the Sun is in the Libra and it is the 7th house, it is aspected by the malefic, and the 7th lord (Venus) is also weak, the strong chances of divorce are indicated. The situation gets worse if Venus is with Rahu or Saturn in the Lagna.
  • When the lord of the 7th house is in the 6th house or vice versa, or the 7th and 6th lord are sitting together, the divorce might be on the card.
  • When Venus, the karaka of romance and marriage is in connection with the 6th house lord/house, the yoga of divorce or separation is also formed. The yoga becomes stronger if there is any malefic in the 7th house.
  • Marriage life can be ruined if the 7th house lord is retrograde, and there is a bad planet in the 8th house. The sustainability of marriage becomes at risk. The chances become stronger if Venus is retrograde in the chart.
  • If the Rahu and Ketu are in the 1-7 axis in the Navamsa, it indicates the strongest yoga for an unhappy marriage. However, the marriage can survive if Venus is in a good position in the D-9 chart.

Even the connection of Venus with Ketu in the D-9 chart strongly indicates the chances of divorce.

Putting an End…

These are a few reasons among many that consider or indicate the chances of divorce in a horoscope. If you want to save your marriage from the wound of divorce, consult with the best astrologer in Kolkata. Astrologer SK Abid, the marriage astrology specialist can help you in this regard for sure.

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