A Reliable Staggered Trade Organisation: Highrich.net Exploration


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Highrich Web based Shopping has become a well-known brand in the rapidly developing field of e-commerce. It provides a special business opportunity to people who want to buy online and offline and make retail profits by signing up as wholesalers. Highrich Web based Shopping is a Staggered Trade Organisation that was registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs in 2019. This reputable business, which has its corporate headquarters in Thrissur, Kerala, is well-known for its extensive product selection and dedication to provide a dependable purchasing experience. We’ll examine the essential elements of Highrich.net in this post and provide background information about its co-founder Sreena Prathapan and founder Prathapan KD.

The Idea of High-End Online Shopping

High-quality online shopping options a distinctive offering by fusing online and offline purchasing options, enabling clients to effortlessly shop through their website. Additionally, the business offers people the chance to sign up as wholesalers and sell its goods for retail profit. Participants can take advantage of this model’s flexibility and the expanding e-commerce market while also taking advantage of both online and offline sales channels.

Certifications and Legal Registration

Highrich Web based Shopping has obtained legal recognition and complied with all standards to run a reputable company. It is listed with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs under registration number U52590KL2019PTC060038 for its corporate identification number (CIN). The transparency and adherence to the laws governing trade organisations are ensured by this registration. The business is in possession of crucial records like the GST Declaration, PAN Certificate, ISO Certificate, and FSSI Certificate, demonstrating its authority and dedication to conducting business lawfully.

A Reliable Platform

It is crucial to determine whether any e-commerce platform is trustworthy given the frequency of online fraud and scams. Customers and partners are more confident in Highrich Web based Shopping because of its certifications and compliance with regulatory standards. Highrich Web based Shopping exhibits its dedication to ethical sales and taxation practises by adopting the Goods and Services Tax (GST) on its products.

Creator and Co-Creator

Prathapan KD, an entrepreneur with a goal to revolutionise how people purchase and make money, founded Highrich Web based Shopping. His commitment and knowledge have fueled the business’ expansion and success. Alongside him is co-founder Sreena Prathapan, whose contributions have significantly influenced the strategies and activities of the organisation.


A Staggered Trade Organisation called Highrich.net combines online and offline channels to offer a distinctive purchasing experience. The business provides a significant possibility for making retail earnings by allowing people to register as wholesalers. The legal registration, certificates, and tax compliance of Highrich Web based Shopping demonstrate its dedication to conducting business legally. Customers and partners may be certain that Highrich.net is a dependable and trustworthy platform that puts their needs first as they interact with it.

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