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At Private Label Supplement Manufacturers, all of our products are made in a cutting-edge facility under strict restrictions and rules set by Health Canada. We differ from other white label producers since we formulate our products entirely in the same facility where we make them. In addition to testing and researching your items, we also produce them.

Range of Manufacturing

We are able to produce any Prosource nutritional supplements that your business requires using our extensive selection of vitamins and proteins. Our production staff can easily produce a product that meets your strict requirements. Additionally, we may meet certain dietary requirements. We have expertise creating items that not only satisfy particular dietary requirements but also taste wonderful.

Why Produce in Canada, You Ask?

Supplements made in Canada must ad here to higher requirements than those made in other nations. We are required to have third parties test our products for purity and quality due to the tighter criteria. This boosts your brand’s value in a number of ways, including fewer recalls, lab-backed evidence for the promises your products make, and improved general safety. These elements can lower your insurance prices while also elevating your brand’s status as a premium one.

Labelling and Packaging

First impressions matter a lot, and the ideal first impression comes from appropriate packing. We have a graphics and packaging department on staff to ensure that your items leave the best possible impression on your customers.

Options for Custom Packaging

Additionally, we can find unique packaging to better distinguish your business. We got your back whether you want to use a bag or a resealable, recyclable lined paper bag. We can meet your needs if you only let us know what they are.

customized labels

Unsure of the type of label you desire? Our graphic design team may create whole labels based on your current graphics or logos. Would you like to sell in shops? If yes, your products will also require UPC or bar codes.

Custom or Standard Formulations

Do you already have a product formulation in mind? Or perhaps you simply have a particular standard in mind. In either instance, we can work with you to produce the ideal result.

formulas available

Protein shake and supplement formulations come in a huge range at our store. If you need to start out quickly, you can choose one of our off-the-shelf formulations to establish a whole product line for your company or for your needs.


As a Canadian private label supplement manufacturer, provides more support services and a wider range of products in multiple dosage forms than many other producers.

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