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Things You Need To Know About Sports Massage Therapy

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Do you need sports massage therapy but don’t know much about it? Sports massage therapy helps prevent and treat different sports injuries. The procedure involves several muscle manipulations and different types of massages. While most people prefer this type of physiotherapy massage, there are a few things they don’t know. And these include:

It’s Meant For Everyone, Not Only Athletes

Most people assume it’s only meant for sports people because it’s called sports massage therapy. It isn’t true; anyone can get a sports massage near me, regardless of occupation. It helps release the tension that accumulates in the body when carrying out any physical activity.

It Comes In Three Main Types

Since sports massage therapy is ideal for everyone, there are different types to use for different individual needs;

  • Deep tissue massage – this type targets the deep tissues in the deep layers of the body by applying pressure. It involves using the elbows or hands to pressure the fibres to release tension.
  • Soft tissue massage – unlike deep tissue massage, this type focuses on the body’s soft tissue to reduce tension and pain. 
  • Whole-body massage involves massaging the whole body as a form of relaxation. You can get a sports physio near me as this technique employs the techniques found in physiotherapy. This type of massage usually aims at boosting calmness and relaxation of the whole body.

It’s A Clinical Treatment

Most of the time, getting sports physio near me comes as a prescription to complement other treatments. However, sports massage therapy has a specific goal, unlike other massages. The main aim is to relieve pain and restore the normal functioning of the muscles and the body.

It Offers Health Benefits

As a clinical treatment, sports therapy offers several benefits to the body. Usually, when getting massage therapy near me, your therapist will have a plan and goal to help you achieve it. The therapist might also recommend a therapy frequency to achieve the long-term plan.

Sports massage therapy is essential as it applies pressure to several nerves ending on the skin, stimulating relaxation. It will send the message to the brain, allowing you to reduce stress and relax.