Top Healthcare Benefits In Manipal Cigna Policy


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Life is unpredictable. One can’t envision forthcoming crises, but undoubtedly one can take preventive measures. By opting a medical insurance policy, we can at least minimise financial losses.


Plans offered by Manipal Cigna


Manipal Cigna health insurance offers a variety of insurance policies designed to cater to the demands of various individuals.


  1. ProHealth Prime
  2. ProHealth Insurance
  3. ProHealth Select
  4. ProHealth Cash
  5. ProHealth Group
  6. Lifestyle Protection Accident Care
  7. Lifestyle Protection Critical Care
  8. Lifestyle Protection Group Policy
  9. Lifetime Health
  10. Super Top Up
  11. Sanjeevani Policy
  12. Saral Suraksha Bima
  13. Global Health
  14. Group Overseas
  15. FlexiCare Group
  16. Health 360


Benefits offered by Manipal Cigna Policies


Let’s list some benefits delivered by Manipal Cigna that makes it different from other medical insurance companies. 

  • Consumable cover

Consumables are the non-medical expenses in case of hospitalisation. These are up to 10 to 15% of the total bill. Consumables include housekeeping, oximeter charges, toiletries, blankets, lotion, hand wash, etc. The charges for all of these expenditures are covered under this policy, and there is no need to take any other add-on for consumable cover. Hence many Manipal Cigna policies are completely cashless; the bill is not shared by the insured.

  • Cashless OPD

It is available in the Pro health Prime Advantage plan. OPD expenses are for the lab tests, pharmacy, and doctor consultations. One can choose from a 20000, 30000 or 50000 per annum plan. For pharmacy, you can claim up to 20% of the total OPD limit.

  • Pre-existing diseases

The waiting period to cover pre-existing diseases in the Pro Health Prime Active plan is only 91 days. This is the minimum waiting period any policy could offer for pre-existing diseases such as asthma, diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.

  • Switch off benefit option

It’s an innovative value-added service provided in this policy. With this benefit, the insured can pause his policy if he is going abroad for a maximum of 30 days and switch it on after returning. 

  • Convalescence benefit

This is the fixed amount the insurance company is liable to pay to the insured in case of hospitalisation. It is available only in a pro-health active plan; one gets up to 30000 as convalescence benefits. 

  • Room category 

The insured has the option to upgrade to any room he desires. The insured also gets the benefit of worldwide emergency hospitalisation, on a reimbursement basis.

  • Premium waiver option

If the insured has suffered any critical illness or accidental death in any circumstance, the medical insurance company waives off the premium for that year.

  • Wellness program

If the insured takes care of his health, he gets an additional discount on the premium. For eg: tracking of step count is considered towards discounts. You can get a maximum of 20% discount if you regularly take more than 10000 steps for at least 240 days.

  • Restoration benefit

If your sum insured is exhausted for the year, you can restore it unlimited times in a year for related or unrelated diseases.

  • Alternative medicine treatment

It includes treatment with Yoga, Unani, Ayush, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, and Homoeopathy. All this is covered up to the sum insured in the prohealth prime plan.

  • Bariatric surgery

It is a weight loss surgery, available in protect and advantage plans. One can claim up to Rs. 5 Lakhs with a waiting period of 3 years.

  • Cash benefit

If you are eligible for a single private AC room but prefer to stay in a shared accommodation, then you get some cash benefit. If the sum insured is less than 10 lakh, you get INR 800 a day as a benefit. If the sum insured is more than Rs. 10 Lakh, you get Rs. 1000 per day as a cash benefit. 

  • Guaranteed no-claim bonus

Even if the insured makes a claim in a particular year, he gets a bonus of 25% every year, which can reach a maximum limit of 200%. Hence few policies are known for providing guaranteed cumulative bonuses. It is available in a protection and advantage plan.

  • Additional discount

If the insured takes his medicines from the network pharmacies, he earns a discount.

If the insured agrees to pay Rs. 10000 or Rs. 20000 from his own pocket in case of hospitalisation, he gets an additional discount on the premium.

The insured gets an extra discount if he adds 2 or more people to the policy.

If the insured opts for auto debit, then he gets a further discount on the premium.

  • Pregnancy coverage

The insured can avail of the benefit of pregnancy coverage after a waiting period of 3 years. Up to two deliveries are covered, and he can avail 10% of the sum insured, but a maximum of 1 lakh amount. Newborn vaccinations up to 1 year are also included. 


Add-on optional covers 


There are some add-on benefits that can be availed by the insured by giving an extra premium. 


  1. Infertility treatment benefit
  2. Personal accident cover
  3. No-claim bonus booster


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In conclusion


Manipal Cigna health insurance offers exceptional comprehensive plans. A single plan has everything one needs, and can be customised according to one’s requirements. One has the opportunity to select from a variety of plans, various packages and optional covers according to their necessities.


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