The Impact of AI and Automation on Bulk SMS Marketing Campaigns


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A popular marketing and communication channel- Bulk SMS has gladly received the footsteps of AI in its realm. With automation in SMS marketing, we have unlocked a world full of opportunities crossing all limitations and challenges. Bulk SMS marketing company are already accepting the integration of the AI and automation for the APIs. They are making the path smoother with more scopes and benefits.

Let’s delve into detailed overview of this new integration.

The concept of bulk SMS

Slowly yet steadily, smart phone users are increasing. People are getting more digitalized. So to keep up with the pace of the era, transformation is essential.

Bulk SMS played a crucial role in this transformation. Whether its about any promotion of products or service, any bank or financial transaction or about any OTP, bulk SMS has found its way. More and more businesses are turning towards bulk SMS for better sales, securing payments and engaging with customers.

But slowly it unraveled some challenges in its process. Some of them are the customer engagement, message length, technical issues, segmenting the customers. These challenges have created a lot of buzz as they are impacting the business sales. Trying to overcome these challenges has proved to be effortful and time consuming.

So, what’s the solution?

Now, it is time to integrate the AI with the bulk SMS.

Understanding AI and automation

Artificial Intelligence or abbreviated as AI along with automation has been ruling the world right now. The main aim of AI and automation is to enhance the business’s objective in revolutionary way.

AI and automation technologies has already been introduced in various industries. They are creating a great result. More and more businesses are waiting to integrate them with their existing process. Though an expensive one to initiate, yet it gives the highest ROI too.

With the demand of upgradation of the bulk SMS marketing channel, AI and automation opened up the scopes.

Result: A better customer experience that impart coordination and enhanced productivity of the bulk SMS marketing. Navigating the digital landscape is now easier with the SMS campaign.

So why not accept this revolutionary change that gives us benefits and more productivity?

Take a look at the beneficial aspects

Customer segmentation

Bulk SMS need to segregate the customers’ s based on the various aspects. This task of dividing the customers needs lot of time and effort.

So, to provide the best ever experience, AI can do this task within few seconds. Be leveraging the software applications, automation technologies can categorize the customers into various segments as required by the users.

Thus this segments can be used to send message as per their interests, regions and intended requirements.

Creation of messages and delivery

Bulk SMS providers offers just only 160 characters.  The limitation of the characters is a great challenge. Often business find its hard to include all the important information in this much limited boundary.

Again, AI and automation came to help. Automated message creation process has enabled the construction of message with the details and necessary links and call to actions. Also, they are great for personalization of the SMS that attracts the viewer’s notice.

In case of delivery, Automation has taken up the responsibility of delivering the messages at the right time to the particular recipients.

Thus, over all it has automated a huge time consuming task.

Enhanced user’s experience

When any recipients get the right message with the required content, surely it would increase the engagement rate too.

One such example is of the chatbots. They are the robots that can continue top chat with users about any query. Thus, instant reply to customer’s query enhances the customer’s reliability and get a positive mark on the brand.

Not only do they solve problem that robots understand sentiments too. With the aid of Ai-driven sentiment analysis, a chatbot can understand the sentiment of customer’s chat and reply suitably.

Now that is called a robotic marketing approach!

Predictive analysis

Last but not the least, this feature is particularly beneficial for the business. This automation process goes through real time data and provide a detailed analysis of customer’s behavior. It can be applied to a single buyer to a group of buyers too.

By studying this analytical report, a business can cater to the specific needs and demand of the customers. Thus, you can expect a heightened growth in business engagement with the customer in right way.

A simple short message can take up a huge responsible role. They are not just a mode to connect both ends, but to look after each other’s need with anticipatory moves.

The future trends

The trend has already started. Most of the bulk SMS marketing company are approaching such ways to get the highest results. But the introduction of the 5G technologies has boosted it up.

It’s launch would boost up the bulk SMS campaigns making it a greater success. 5G would ensure higher speed of delivery with more latency. You will be able to deliver data rich content through SMS. And with the integration of AI, even the impossible tasks would become easy to-do.


No doubt, this transforming is huge. They are bringing in more benefit than challenges. Most of the issues faced by the SMS marketing campaign gets easily resolved with AI implications. Its ability to predict and analyze, customize and building connection is taking the marketing to a new height.

Hope this blog has helped you to gain insights on the benefits of AI integration with bulk SMS.

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