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Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is a much-loved role-playing game that has accumulated a large fanbase since its launch in 2021. Out of all the professions available, the Rogue is especially agile and helpful. Therefore, in this article, we will be examining the Rogue class in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds, evaluating its unique abilities and skills, and providing advice on how to become an expert on this class.

Rogues are renowned for their agility and helpfulness. Their remarkable agility lets them avoid enemy strikes and launch unexpected assaults from a distance. Furthermore, they possess a vast selection of abilities that can boost their allies’ offensive power, defensive capabilities, and speed.

The Weapon of Choice for the Rogue is a common topic of discussion. It is often debated among fans and players of the game what is the optimal tool for a Rogue to utilize. Many suggest that a sword is the ideal choice, while others believe a bow is the best option. Ultimately, the decision depends on the individual’s preference and playing style.

The Rogue class prefers to work with short bows, which is a perfect fit for their style. These bows are lightweight and easy to maneuver, granting Rogues an advantage when it comes to speed and accuracy. Moreover, the high rate of fire ensures Rogues can launch a multitude of arrows from a distance.

The capabilities and talents of a Rogue are manifold and varied.

Taking a detailed look at some of the most potent abilities of the Rogue class and how they can be advantageous to your squad is important.

The Rogue is able to use the Arrow Rain Storm ability to inflict continual harm over a wide area. Opponents that are struck will find their movement rate reduced, making them simpler marks for your group to take out.

This capability of the Rogue class permits them to fire arrows that pass through adversaries, inflicting harm. Those that are struck with the arrow will be pushed away from them and have their rate of motion diminished, thus allowing your group the opportunity to approach and take down the enemy.

Rogues who require the ability to dodge out of danger can make use of the Evade Shot technique. This method allows them to jump backwards and release arrows simultaneously, providing a great balance between attack and protection.

The Rogue’s Twisted Arrow is a formidable move that releases dark arrows that warp the space-time continuum. On contact with a foe, the projectile detonates and creates a situation wherein foes in the vicinity are immobilized. This ability is especially useful for strategizing and giving your group a chance to strike.

Performance Time: This ability is ideal for amplifying the attack capability, protection and speed of your team. It can magnify the attack, defense and speed of the team member with the highest attack strength. When used in tandem with Twisted Arrow, it can form a powerful combination that can overpower even the mightiest opponents.

The Burning Heart skill is an impressive ability that enhances the Courageous Heart and bolsters the attack strength of both the user and their allies. This skill is ideal for tackling formidable foes and bosses.

Strategies for Utilizing the Rogue Character

Rogue characters provide a unique playing experience, and can be a great asset to any team. Here are some tips for making the most of a rogue character in your game:

Maximizing Movement: As a Rogue, the key to your success is staying on the move. Keep your enemies guessing by dodging their assaults and striking from far away.

Cheer on Your Teammates: Rogues are fantastic at aiding their comrades in battle. Utilize your talents and aptitudes to augment your comrades’ attack strength, defense, and mobility speed. This will not only give your party a better chance at survival in a confrontation but also increase their chances of victory.

The Rogue class is great at attacking adversaries from afar, though it is important to be judicious with who you target. Start by taking out the weaker opponents prior to confronting more powerful adversaries. This will help you to stay energized and take out adversaries more effectively.

Develop Your Proficiency: Rogues have a wide range of talents and capabilities that can be employed in various settings. Ensure to hone your skills and utilize them to their full potential.

End Result

Being a Rogue in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is an advantageous and flexible occupation, able to give speed and reinforcement to any group. Possessing short bows and a vast selection of abilities and skills, Rogues can eliminate adversaries from a distance while offering essential buffs to their allies. Through preserving mobility, offering assistance to your group, being precise with your targets and perfecting your talents, you can become a master Rogue and pave the way for triumph in any confrontation. Go out there and start discovering the world of Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds with your Rogue character!

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